Bio & more about me

Biography u0026amp; more about me

From Zero to Thirteen

I was born as the youngest of three children in December 2003 in Buxtehude, Germany.

Just after my first birthday, we traveled to Disney World and I saw the Very Merry Christmas Parade and  I think that’s when I decided that I want to perform.

When I was three, I asked my parents for dance lessons – I had watched the neighbor girls practicing and that’s what I wanted to do, too. The following years I had lessons and was also performing on town square in our German hometown.

At home, we always had a huge box with costumes and other stuff to dress up. My brother and I loved pretending and created new worlds and characters every day.

When I was six, we moved to the US. Here I learned English, how to throw a baseball and a football … and so much more!

For my seventh birthday, my parents gave me a camera and I started to make little movies. My friends and I performed in front of the camera with dances and plays, I loved it!

I continued dancing ballet but also did jazz and tap for two years. After that, I wanted to do contemporary dance, which I love as much as ballet.

Another hobby that I picked up was learning to play the guitar.

In 2013 I did a summer camp with acting and I liked it so much, I kept bugging my mom for theater classes. It wasn’t until summer 2014 that I finally got to take acting classes with John Homa and Jeff Dockweiler.

Additional to guitar, I picked up vocal lessons.

With so many activities going on, we realized that this would collide with school and homework. We had to make a decision and I didn’t want to quit any of my activities so I switched to an online school, which gave me all the freedom I needed to continue my active lifestyle.

I continue working on singing with my vocal teacher the wonderful Amanda Bryant and just went back on stage to perform what I’ve learned. I’ve recently picked up piano as a new hobby and am also back to ballet in a Pre Pointe class. Despite all these activities and school, I still manage to read at least two books/week. I am absolutely addicted to reading!

At school, I am in the National Junior Honor Society.



“Best Kid’s Performance a Short” Award at the San Diego International Kid’s Film Festival

Honor Roll Student

National Junior Honor Society Member

I’m in the “Visual and Performing Arts Talent Network” at my school.

With my friend Will I won 1st place at the science fair in 4th grade.


Here is a little more information about me:

Favorite music: Florence and the Machine, classical music (especially Mozart, Chopin, and Bach) and opera, Christy Moore.

Favorite actress: Emma Watson or Amy Adams

Favorite actor: George Clooney (he reminds me so much of Cary Grant!)

Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,  Pirates of the Carribean, old classics with Doris Day, Audry Hepburn, Kathrin Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe …

Favorite TV shows: Stranger Things, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Favorite food: dad’s sandwiches, cucumber salad, fruit smoothies, German food, sometimes I’m craving broccoli!

Favorite candy and deserts: Ice cream (especially yogurt ice), macarons, meringues, Rice Krispies, carrot cake

Favorite activities (besides acting, singing, …): reading teen fantasy (I read about 90 books in the last 12 months), writing, writing poems

Favorite places: The Getty and other art museums, bookshops, The Americana, the beach, the opera


What people say about me:

“She just makes my job so easy!” (Jackson Smith, director)

“Our two child actors blew us away with their skill and professionalism – Lilith and Dogen fit right into our strong cast.” (Christian Welch, director)

“Lilith is amazing.” (Terry Berland, casting director)

“I never do this for actors – so you both know how special I think Lilith is!!” (Ivy Isenberg, casting director)

“This story would not have been the same without Lilith, so I’m very glad destiny put us on the same trajectory to work on it together.” (Brando Benneton, director)

“She is an old soul!” (Amanda Bryant, vocal teacher)

“I can’t listen as fast as you are talking!” (mom)

“You look a little like Kirsten Dunst!” (dad)

“You remind me of Kirsten Dunst!” (Pietra Ingenito, agent)

“You remind me so much of Kirsten!” (John Homa, my acting coach and Kirsten Dunst’s acting coach back in the days)

“… rewatching Jumanji tonight and realizing how Lilith channels really well a young Kirsten Dunst …” (Brando Benneton, director)