Lilith Max

My story

I am the youngest of three and was born in Germany near the city of Hamburg. At age three I started dancing ballet and later switched to contemporary dance.

When I was six, we moved to Texas. Here, I continued to dance but also took acting classes and tried my luck in Los Angeles. I played Anna in Call Of Duty WWII and Maria in the award-winning The Chocolate Soldier and also had roles in other short films, in commercials and did some voice-over.  Additionally, I am helping my mom out as a photo model, hair model and voice-over for her work projects.

I started to take guitar & singing lessons when I was ten and always enjoyed making music. I also taught myself to play the piano. Soon I started to create my own songs but didn’t dare to sing them publicly. Working with Tom McKinney, helped me to overcome my fear to perform my music. He encouraged me to record and sing live and I am very excited to share my thoughts & feelings through my music. 

More About Me:

Places I like to go: Los Angeles, the Americana in Glendale, Germany, my home studio Grassfed Beats, to the Kpop store, and in my head where I don’t have to travel far.

Food I like to eat: Strawberries, Kimchi ramen, dumplings, and anything that includes vegetables with sauce.

What I read: Young Adult Fiction, Sci-fi, Mangas, and Fiction.

Favorite music: BTS, Aurora, MAMAMOO, Day6, Hippo Campus, and Sleeping At Last.

My Songs:

I mostly write ballads and revolution songs with hints of fairy tale to make reality a little less harsh.
I don’t shy away from speaking my mind, and although my music may come off as edgy, I embrace the darker thoughts that swim in my head.
I speak about inequality of gender, the fear of growing up, lost lovers torn apart in the LGBTQ+ community, the sorrow of a nightingale as it watches the winter leave, and so much more.
I do not know what the next song will bring and what emotions I will feel, but I hope you will feel comfort, as I do, in the quiet in this chaos.

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