director: Brando Benneton
producer: Mauricio Zambrano
co-star: Bradley Striker
my role: lead, the girl

This is a short film from Brando Benneton, USC.
I am the lead playing a girl that becomes a victim of her curiosity – but no spoilers here, you really have to watch it, it’s great!

For this film, they needed to create a mask and I went to the Cinema Makeup School where a mold of my face was made.
The final mask was put on my face by two makeup artists who did an amazing job.
It took almost two hours to get the mask on and quite a while to take it off after the shoot.

5 trivial backstage facts:

The location was a stunning estate at Rolling Hills, CA.
Brando introduced me to the chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s and now I am addicted to them.
We ate the best spaghetti ever and Brando contributed delicious real parmesan cheese which he had brought from Italy.
The wooden box was carved during winter break by a friend of Brando in Italy and he brought it all the way to California on the plane.
Mom and I got my costume at Goodwill, texting pictures to Brando for approval.