director: Christian Walsh
producer: Julia Dillard
co-star: Dogan Eyeler
my role: girl, principal

Weltschmerz  is a drama which is set during the Nazi regime in Germany.
I am a young girl who is playing with a boy at a creek …
… and that’s all I am going to say because I don’t want to give the story away.
Weltschmerz will be submitted to film festivals (just like “The Chocolate Soldier“).

Weltschmerz was shot at several locations.
For our scenes, we had to go to the Rocky Mountains and lived in a really cool log cabin for a weekend.
For the scene in the water, we were wearing wetsuits under our costumes but it was still very cold, shooting the 1st weekend of April  with snow still on top of the mountains. It was fun though!

Meanwhile the work on Weltschmerz is finished and won several awards at big film festivals, soon.

You can learn more about Weltschmerz here …, there is also a trailer but it doesn’t show me.

5 trivial backstage facts:

We had an epic game of hide and seek with the entire crew! Dogan’s mom wasn’t found for two rounds and Christian was hiding in a suitcase!
I loved the swing on the set!
We found pine cones the size of pineapples there!
There were 3 lifeguards at the set for our safety in the water.
The creek was really cold but after a while, I got used to it and even liked it.